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A1200 quickening agent cards: A purchaser’s guide

Along these lines, this has come up a couple of times as of late, so here’s a lowdown on what you can plug into the trapdoor on your A1200. Ideally this is valuable to individuals, especially our more current individuals who are simply getting (over) into the energizing universe of Amiga equipment!

FastRAM cards

These are the most essential development you can fly into an A1200 trapdoor opening. The least difficult ones will in general be plain 4MB cards (There may even be two or three 1MB or 2MB cards out there, however I’ve never observed one). The highest point of the range ones have a full 8MB FastRAM, ongoing clock and backing for an offbeat FPU up to 40MHz. A few cards even utilize the A500 ‘Officer’ address space to give you 9MB FastRAM. A few models may take RAM in ZIP or SIMM structure, others will have it bound legitimately on the card.

For a fundamental A1200 WHDLoad arrangement, a FastRAM card is a decent expansion, it will twofold the speed of your A1200 and give some RAM, empowering you to WHDLoad most by far of games.

The A1200’s ready CPU is the Motorola 68EC020 at 14MHz. EC models of the ‘020 help 32-piece access of the RAM, which is the reason they’re that bit quicker than 68000-based Amigas, however they just help 24-piece tending to, thus the 8MB FastRAM confinement. Know that placing in a 8MB card is probably going to cause clashes with your PCMCIA port. Without a doubt, a few cards will permit you to jumper them to 4MB to not meddle with the PCMCIA. You could do a great deal more awful than add a switch permitting you to pick somewhere in the range of 4MB and 8MB relying upon what you’re doing that meeting.

Spending quickening agents

The subsequent stage up from simply some FastRAM is a fundamental quickening agent. There are two or three 28MHz 68020 cards out there that will give you a decent speed support over the stock 14MHz CPU, however with the equivalent 8MB/4MB+PCMCIA confinement as the RAM-just cards above. There are additionally two or three 68030-based cards out there which have a similar RAM impediments, for example, the M-Tec 1230. It’s significant that clock-for-clock, a ‘030 is just hardly quicker than a ‘020. Once more, a large number of these models have FPU support and continuous clock circuits.

Standard 68030 quickening agents

The 68030 CPU has an entire 32-piece address transport, so can hypothetically deliver up to 4GB(!) of RAM. Numerous 68030 quickening agents exploit this to permit you to get round the A1200’s 8MB point of confinement. At the most fundamental end, you’re generally taking a gander at a 33MHz ‘030 with up to 32MB FastRAM. These cards perpetually take standard PC 72-pin SIMMs, so you’ll see them offered with various measures of RAM. (Watch out for GVP quickening agents however, they will in general require exclusive 64pin GVP SIMMs which aren’t as ordinary).

The new ACA1230 models basically fall into this classification, as well. None of these cards will strife with your PCMCIA port as they put all their RAM into the 32-piece address space, leaving the PCMCIA port immaculate.

At the top finish of the range, you have the ruler of the 68030s: The Blizzard 1230 IV with its 50MHz CPU and FPU, supporting 128MB FastRAM on the card and a discretionary SCSI module that itself can take one more 128MB FastRAM.

Very good quality 68040 and 68060 cards

On the off chance that you truly need to push the pontoon out, you can shun the unassuming 68030 for the a lot quicker 68040 and 68060 CPUs. At this level, there isn’t exactly the scope of various cards, yet the huge players (Apollo and Blizzard) both have contributions right now. The card structures for ‘040 and ‘060 are regularly fundamentally the same as and if your ‘040 card has the correct rationale (MACH131 chips as opposed to MACH130 ones) almost certainly, it very well may be moved up to a ‘060 with the expansion of another CPU, a 3.3V voltage controller and suitable planning oscillator. Once more, these cards will all help in any event 32MB FastRAM and again, a few models have discretionary SCSI packs accessible. Know that once you find a good pace you will most likely need to consider a higher-evaluated power supply and think about to wind stream and cooling. This is especially appropriate with early amendments of ‘040 and ‘060 CPUs as they can be pretty force hungry and will create a lot of warmth.


In the event that you need to go the entire hoard, the BlizzardPPC is the main genuine contribution out there. Supporting AmigaOS 4.0 just as some improved highlights in 3.9, a PowerPC can give you some really genuine exhibition, yet it typically accompanies a similarly genuine sticker price! These all accompany a ‘friend’ CPU, either a 68040 or 68060 to stay perfect with the great Amiga condition, just as a PPC 603e, running at 160MHz-240MHz for quickened PowerPC code. Our occupant PPC master, stachu100 has pushed these cards as far as possible, getting 68060 CPUs up to 80MHz and PowerPC ones to 330MHz! The focuses above about higher-evaluated PSUs and not too bad cooling/wind stream are significantly increasingly relevant here when you’re running two CPUs.


FPU = Floating Point Unit, these are once in a while valuable for some profitability applications, yet most of Amiga programming needn’t bother with one. Full-center ‘040 and ‘060 CPUs have one implicit, LC040/060 ones don’t. ‘020 and ‘030s can take either a 68881 or 68882 module, either synchronous or nonconcurrent to the CPU clock. Multiple times in ten, you presumably couldn’t care less.

MMU = Memory Management Unit. These take into account paged virtual memory get to. To the main estimate, nothing needs one. EC030 CPUs are missing it, yet full-center 030s have it. In case you’re doing some genuine coding and need a better than average debugger, or you need to play with 68k Linux, you’ll need a MMU, in any case, don’t stress over it. I trust WHDLoad can exploit a MMU on the off chance that one is available, yet it’ll work cheerfully without.

RTC = Real-time clock. Just on the off chance that you need your Amiga to recall what time it is between reboots. It’s pleasant to have, yet barely a serious deal. In case you’re doing a great deal of hard-plate based work, having timestamps on your records may be valuable. In case you’re gaming, you presumably couldn’t care less. Be careful, some prior A1200 cards have Ni-Cad ‘barrel’ batteries to keep the time. These are inclined to spilling and ought to be evacuated ASAP! You can supplant them with a more up to date Ni-MH ‘barrel’ or do the lithium coin-battery hack. (More on this some other time)


Alright, so this is Amibay and we don’t talk about costs outside of a genuine exchange, yet it’s genuinely protected to state that cards commonly get increasingly costly as you plunge the rundown. A1200 cards will in general change hands regularly enough that they have arrived at a value balance and deciding the ‘going rate’ for some random model isn’t excessively troublesome.

Proviso Emptor!

Before setting out your well deserved on any A1200 card, it’s constantly worth looking at BBOAH or Amiga Resource. The two destinations have extremely far reaching data on pretty much every card that is out there. A few cards are fastidious with which RAM modules they support, some have a SCSI alternative, others don’t. Some take odd restrictive GVP SIMMs. Some won’t fit in a standard work area A1200, being intended for use in a pinnacle change. Ensure you realize what you’re purchasing before you get it, and spare yourself a ton of cerebral pain later.

Glad chasing!

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ACA 500 accelerator
Re-stock: T.B.A. Two CF slots, 2MB of Fast RAM, clockport, and a 68EC000-10 processor clocked at 14Mhz, make of this piece of hardware a must for any Amiga 500/500+ user.

Bootable CF :
WHDLoad registration :
2º slot CF Aux/media :
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With a 68EC000-10 processor and, 2 MB of FastMem, two Compact Flash slots, and Clockport, the ACA 500 is a cheap accelerator for the the Amiga 500, but with specifications and possibilities never seen before.

ACA 500 offers fast performance, hard disk storage, extra memory, expasion connector for A1200 accelerators, Clockport conector (such the Real Time Module or Catweasel). The Kickstart ROM 3.1 & 1.3, the CF driver, and PC/FAT32 software are included in flash ROM.

You will be able to boot, with Kickstart 1.3, that allows you to run old software and games that are not compatible with newer Kickstart versions, and with Kickstart 3.1, the best option for hard disk software.

The two Compact Flash slots allows to insert one CF card in Amiga format, and a second CF card in PC/FAT32 to transfer files between PC/Mac/ and your A500.

Easy installation, because you don’t need to open the Amiga 500. It is attached in the external expansion conector of your A500.

You have not to send to the trash your existing trapdoor RAM or CHIP expansion. ACA 500 will be compatible with they!

This includes a new revolutionary method that can turn your 512k trapdoor memory expansion into chipram! If your Amiga is equipped with an ECS Agnus chip and said internal 512k memory expansion, you can turn your computer into a 1MByte-Chipram computer, just by selecting a menu item in the configuration menu of the ACA500! A lot of stock A500 computers with board revision 6 or higher have this exact configuration

If you need more power, you will be able to expand the ACA 500 adding an A1200 accelerator like the ACA 1220, 1232 or 1231, with 020/030 processors, and 64/128MB of RAM.

Also, you can add a realtime clock, using the Clock Port conector of the ACA 500.

Note: The ACA500 is currently not compatible with the rare Amiga 500 mainboard Revision 3, and not with NTSC-A500 Rev.5. European Rev.5 boards and all higher revisions work fine.


For Amiga 500 / 500+
68EC000-10 CPU clocked at 14 MHz (the standar A500 CPU running at 7Mhz)
2MB of FAST RAM (1,5, if your use the MapROM function)
Two Compact Flash card slots (hot plug is not compatible)
External connection (you don’t need to open your Amiga)
Compatible with Chip memory expansions
Compatible with Fast RAM expansions (through the trapdoor and up to 1.8MB)
Also compatible with existing realtime clocks
Custom expansion port for local hardware (14 Mhz, 16 Bit, and double Zorro Speed)
Optionally expandable with ACA accelerator for A1200 (ACA 1220/1231/1232)
Includes licensed Kickstart ROM 3.1 and 1.3 installed in Flash ROM
CF (Compact Flash) driver, and software compatible with the FAT32 format, also included in ROM
64-bit device drivers (TD64 and NSD64) to use cards over 4GB (file system limitations still apply)
Full WHDLoad compatibility including the Quit-Key

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