Best HDMI Upscaler for PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 outputs games in standard definition with maximum 480i/480p resolution. On modern HDTVs, PS2 games look blurry and pixelated over composite cables alone. An HDMI upscaler can transform PS2 graphics into a crisp high definition signal. In this guide, we’ll recommend the best upscalers for improving PS2 video quality.


The best HDMI upscalers properly process the PS2’s low 240p/480i output and upscale it to 720p or 1080p resolution over HDMI. This allows PS2 games to display clear and sharp on modern televisions.

Key features to look for in a PS2 HDMI upscaler include:

  • HDMI output up to 1080p resolution
  • Lag-free processing optimized for retro gaming
  • Native 240p/480i input for best results
  • HDMI cable included for plug and play use

We’ll suggest some of the most popular upscalers proven to work great with PlayStation 2 for radically improved video quality. Let’s achieve HD PS2 gaming!

Key Takeaways on PS2 Upscalers

  • The RetroTINK 2X line are the go-to choices for lag-free upscaling with pixel-perfect image quality.
  • Make sure any upscaler accepts composite, S-Video, or component input from original PS2 hardware.
  • 1080p output provides sharpest results, but even 720p is a massive improvement over composite.
  • Advanced options like the RetroTINK 5X and OSSC offer bonus features for tweaking.
  • For under $100, the RetroTINK 2X Pro MClassic bundle is hard to beat.
  • Alternative option is the RAD2X cable with built-in upscaler in a plug-and-play design.

RetroTINK 2X Pro MClassic

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Upscaler: RetroTINK 2X Pro

Resolution: 480p/720p/1080p

Features: Low lag, pixel perfect processing. Advanced control interface and scanline options

Accessory: MClassic visual enhancement plug-in

For around $90 on sale, this bundle gives you an excellent lag-free upscaler paired with the MClassic graphics enhancer. It’s the easiest way to massively boost PS2 video quality for HDTVs.

RetroTINK 2X Pro Multiformat

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Upscaler: RetroTINK 2X Pro Multiformat

Resolution: 480p/720p/1080p

Features: Low lag, pristine video processing. Advanced options and scanlines. Handles 480p games.

Price: $130

As an upgrade over the standard 2X Pro, the Multiformat adds support for 480p and advanced control options. It’s the ultimate single upscaler for all PlayStation 2 outputs at $130.

RetroTINK 5X Pro

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Upscaler: RetroTINK 5X Pro

Resolution: 480p to 1440p

Features: State of the art low-lag upscaling with customized processing presets per input mode. 31kHz 240p mode. Advanced customization. $300 price.

The 5X Pro represents the cutting edge of upscaling technology and image processing power for retro systems. Overkill for most PS2 needs but provides an unrivaled pixel perfect picture.


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Upscaler: Built into HDMI cable

Resolution: 720p/1080p

Features: Plug and play cables with upscalers tailored for each console. No configuration needed. $50 per cable.

RAD2X cables provide integrated upscalers converting PS2 video to HDMI without any external boxes. Convenience plug and play use without compromises on image quality.

Retro-bit Prism

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Upscaler: Built into dock

Resolution: 720p/1080p

Features: Combines PS1, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast into HDMI dock. HDMI and original ports for lag-free gaming. $120 MSRP.

The upcoming Retro-Bit Prism handles PS2 games via original hardware integrated into a slick dock. HDMI and standard AV ports allow gaming on modern and CRT displays.

Buyer’s Tips

  • For basic plug and play ease, start with the RetroTINK 2X Pro and MClassic bundle.
  • The Prism and RAD2X trade configuration options for clean simplicity. Great for convenience.
  • The 5X Pro is pricey but provides reference level upscaling for videophiles wanting the very best.
  • Research supported input modes carefully if using PS2 component or 480p output.
  • Multiple inputs allow using one upscaler for all retro systems.


Does the PS2 support HDMI?

No, the PS2 pre-dates HDMI and outputs either composite video or YPbPr component video for 480i and 480p display modes respectively. An upscaler is required for HDMI.

What’s the best PS2 cable for HDTVs?

The HD Retrovision component cable combined with a RetroTINK provides the sharpest original quality. Otherwise composite to HDMI adapters work but image quality is inferior.

Will PS2 games look good in HD?

Many do thanks to strong art direction that upscales well. But those heavy on live action video and certain 3D games fare worse. HD often highlights original source graphics compromises.

Do upscalers add lag for PS2 gaming?

Quality upscalers like the RetroTINK 2X add negligible lag – under 1ms. Gameplay remains perfectly responsive. Upscalers focused on video or that sync to HDTV refresh rates add lag.

What about cheap $20 HDMI converters?

Budget HDMI adapters are hit or miss. Often degrade quality, don’t handle 240p well, and add lag. A dedicated gaming upscaler like RetroTINK is strongly recommended for best results.


Upscalers breathe new life into PlayStation 2 gaming on HDTVs. They transform low resolution 480i/480p signals into sharp high definition over HDMI. Options like RetroTINK 2X deliver a pristine gaming experience true to the original.

Combined with HD Retrovision component cables, PS2 games look brilliant on any HDTV. The lag-free processing even makes them great for fast paced, twitchy titles. Fully enjoy your PS2 game library on modern displays!

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