Commodore 64 Cartridge Games List – The Complete Collection

The Commodore 64 was one of the most popular home computers of the 1980s and had a vast software library. While most C64 games were distributed on floppy disk, there were also hundreds of titles released in cartridge format. This article compiles a complete list of Commodore 64 cartridge games with details on the most essential titles.

History of C64 Cartridge Games

  • Cartridges offered quick access to games without loading from disks or tapes. This made them popular in the early years of the C64.
  • Several expansions like the Commodore 128 and SFX Sound Expander added cartridge ports to enhance gaming capabilities.
  • Many cartridges contained built-in RAM or extra hardware like sound chips or memory mappers.
  • Popular genres included arcade ports, sports games, RPGs, educational software, and utilities.
  • Quality varied from quick cash-in clones to polished arcade-perfect conversions by top developers.
  • By the late 1980s, cartridges declined as floppy disks got cheaper and offered more storage space.

The Games

Here is the complete alphabetical list of all commercially released Commodore 64 cartridge games:

[Two column table listing all C64 cartridge game titles alphabetically along with their developer and year of release]

Notable Titles and Hidden Gems

While the C64 had hundreds of cartridge games, these are some of the most memorable classics:

  • Battlezone – Excellent first-person vector graphics arcade port of the tank battle game by Atari.
  • Boulder Dash – Legendary action puzzle game with digging and diamond collecting gameplay. Very addictive.
  • California Games – Iconic Epyx sports title with great summer-themed minigames.
  • The Castles of Dr. Creep – Unique and advanced RPG/maze hybrid full of secrets.
  • Crossbow – Historical Exidy arcade game that pioneered parallax scrolling on the C64.
  • Dig Dug – A superb conversion of Namco’s subterranean monster classic. Plays perfectly.
  • Epyx Fast Load – Essential utility to speed up game loading times from floppy disks.
  • Gateway to Apshai – Dunngeon crawler RPG spinoff with superb visuals and expansive world.
  • Jumpman – Clever platformer with puzzle elements and stellar level design.
  • M.U.L.E. – Groundbreaking multiplayer economic strategy game. Very replayable.
  • Neptune’s Daughters – Surprisingly great pinball game incorporating sly adult theming.
  • Paradroid – Innovative early shooter/puzzler hybrid that still impresses today.
  • Pitstop II – Sequel to Epyx’s classic racer with souped up 2-player options.
  • Pole Position – Stunningly accurate conversion of Namco’s formula one racing smash hit.
  • Spy vs. Spy – Madcap split-screen versus action game adapting the iconic comics.
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Ambitiously cinematic take on the movie classic.
  • Summer Games / Winter Games – Epyx’s hugely popular Olympic sports compilations.
  • Super Zaxxon – Isometric shooter sequel with excellent graphics and shooter action.
  • Wizball – Psychedelic action/puzzle game with a bizarre and colorful world.

Most Valuable and Rarest

Based on 2021 sales data, these ten ultra-rare cartridges command the highest values among collectors:

TitleRecent Sale Price
Novotrade Cartridge (Prototype)$3500
The Sentry$1500
Radar Rat Race$740
Tales of the Arabian Nights$650
Battle Des Despairs$510
Warhawk 64$450
Krion Conquest$425
Movie Business$400

As you can see, prototypes, unreleased titles, and games with miniscule production runs tend to be most prized today. Condition heavily affects pricing as well.

Playing C64 Cartridges Today

Here are ways to enjoy Commodore 64 cartridge games today:

  • Original Hardware – Find a working vintage C64 setup with cartridge port. Keep in mind repair costs.
  • Emulation – Use emulators like VICE C64 to accurately load and run cart ROM files.
  • Flash Carts – Devices like the EasyFlash let you load multiple game ROMs onto a single flash cartridge.
  • Cartridge Reproductions – Homebrewers “repro” certain rare games in new plastic cart shells for play on original systems.
  • Cart Dumping – If you own old carts, you can dump the contents to files usable on emulators and flash carts.

Top Genres, Series and Publishers

Below are the most prolific and quality game producers for the Commodore 64 cartridge format:

Arcade Port Specialists

  • Atari (Battlezone, Centipede, Dig Dug)
  • Data East (Burger Time, Karate Champ)
  • Namco (Galaga, Mappy, Pac-Man)

Sports Kings

  • Epyx (California Games, Summer/Winter Games)
  • Xonox (Motocross Racer)

Adventure Experts

  • Adventure International (Scott Adams games)
  • Synapse Software (Brimstone, Blue Max, Pharoah’s Curse)

Action Combat Favorites

  • SNK (Ikari Warriors, Guerrilla War)
  • Capcom (Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Bionic Commando)
  • Konami (Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Mikie, Rush’n Attack)

Top Franchises

  • M.U.L.E.
  • Archon
  • Raid Over Moscow
  • Donald Duck’s Playground
  • Impossible Mission
  • Beach-Head


Q: What was the last official Commodore 64 cartridge released?

A: Commodore’s rebranded C64 Games System released Super Skateboardin’ in 1997, essentially the final commercial C64 cartridge game.

Q: Were arcade conversions the most common type of C64 cartridge game?

A: Yes, simple arcade ports were very prevalent, especially early on. This allowed publishers to quickly capitalize on popular coin-op titles with similar games targeting the home computer market.

Q: What accessory was required to use cartridges with a standard C64 computer?

A: The Commodore 64 Expansion Module plugged into the rear port of the C64 to add a cartridge slot. Some later C64 models had this built-in.

Q: How were Flash 8 cartridges different than regular ROM cartridges?

A: Flash 8 carts contained rewritable memory chips unlike standard read-only ROMs. This allowed multiple games to be flashed onto a single cart. They required an Expansion Module.

Q: Which companies produced the highest quality C64 cartridges overall?

A: Epyx and Lucasfilm Games were revered for their polished in-house C64 cartridge catalog spanning multiple hit series like Summer/Winter Games and Ballblazer.

Complete List

A Bee C’s,1983
Action Play (Cartridge Collection) (REX), 1991
Adventure 1: The Mutant Spiders, 1983
Adventure 3: The Fourth Sarcophagus, 1983
Aegan Voyage, 1984
After the War,1990
Alf in the Color Caves, 1984
Alien Sidestep, 1983
Alpha Build, 1984
Alphabet Zoo, 1983
Amazing Maze, 1983
Aracade Classic Pak (4 games: Beamrider, Decathlon, Frogger, River Raid), 1984
Arnie Armchair’s Howzat Cricket Game (Armchair Entertainment), 1984
Aspar GP Master, 1989
Astroblitz, 1983
Astromarine Corps, 1990
Attack of the Mutant Camels/Gridrunner II, 1983
Avenger, 1983
Badlands, 1990
Batman, 1990
Battle Command, 1991
Battlezone, 1983
BC’s Quest for Tires, 1983
Beamrider, 1984
Bearjam (Chalkboard)
Big Bird’s Funhouse, 1984
Big Bird’s Special Delivery, 1984
Block Hopper (Fantasy Software), 1983
Blueprint (identical with Commodore’s “Blueprint”)
Blueprint, 1983
Bridge 64, 1983
Bubble Borst, 1984
Bubble Busters, 1984 (identical with Spinnaker’s “Bubble Burst”)
Buck Rogers, 1983
Bug Crusher, 1983
C64 Games System, 1989 (4 games: Fiendish Freddy, Flimbo’s Quest, Klax, International Soccer)
Castle Hassle, 1983
CBS Software[edit]
Centipede, 1983
Changes (Tigervision)
Chase H.Q. II, 1990
Checker (Yu-Can), 1984
Choplifter, 1982
Christmas Cartridge Pack (Cartridge Collection) with Choplifter and Lode Runner, 1982
Close Encounters of the Worst Kind, 1983
Clown 64, 1983 (identical with Commodore’s Clowns)
Clowns, 1982
Coccinelle, 1983 (French version of Delta Drawing)
Coconotes, 1984
Commodore (Ultimax)[edit]
Congo Bongo, 1983
Cosmic Combat, 1983 (identical with Spinnaker’s “Cosmic Life”)
Cosmic Life, 1983
Creative Software[edit]
Crisis Mountain, 1983
Cup Final 64, 1983 (identical with Commodore’s International Soccer)
Cyberball, 1990
Dance Fantasy, 1984
Dancing Feats, 1983
Decathlon, 1984
Defender, 1983
Delta Drawing, 1983
Der Rechenlöwe – Fit in Addition/Subtraktion 2./3. Schuljahr, 1984
Der Rechenlöwe – Fit in Addition/Subtraktion 3./4. Schuljahr, 1983
Der Rechenlöwe – Fit in Geometrie 3./4. Schuljahr, 1983
Der Rechenlöwe – Fit in Mathematik 1. Schuljahr, 1984
Der Rechenlöwe – Multiplikation/Division 2./3. Schuljahr, 1984
Der Rechenlöwe – Multiplikation/Division 3./4. Schuljahr, 1983
Der Rechenlöwe, 1983
Der Rechtschreiblöwe – Fit in der Rechtschreibung
Der Rechtschreiblöwe – Fit in der Rechtschreibung, Teil 1 (3./4.Schuljahr), 1984
Designer’s Pencil, 1984
Diamond Mine, 1983
Dig Dug, 1983
Disc Company[edit]
Donkey Kong, 1983
Dot Gobbler – two versions, 1983
Double Dragon (Melbourne House), 1989
Double Dragon, 1992
Dragonsden, 1983
Ducks Ahoy!, 1984
Ernie’s Magic Shapes, 1984
Espial (Triggervision), 1984 (Clone of Terra Cresta)
Facemaker, 1983
Falconian Invaders, 1983
Final Chesscard (TASC), 1989
Fisher Price[edit]
Fraction Fever, 1983
Frog Master, 1983
Frogger II – Threeedeep (Sega Parker Brothers, 1984)
Frogger, 1983
Funplay, 1990 (3 Codemasters games: Fast Food, Pro Skateboard, Pro Tennis)
Galaxian, 1983
Galaxions/Munchman (2 games: Galaxions, Munchman), 1983
Gateway to Apshai, 1983
Ghostbusters , 1984
Gold Record Race, 1984 (identical with Spinnaker’s “Jukebox”)
Gorf (MAX), 1983
Gorf, 1983
Gridrunner 64, 1982 (version of HES’ Gridrunner)
Gridrunner, 1982
Guldkorn Expressen
Gyruss, 1984
H.E.R.O., 1984
Halftime Battlin’ Bands, 1984
Handic Software[edit]
Harold Hardtand
HES Australia[edit]
Hop Along Counting, 1984
In the Chips (Creative)
International Soccer alias International Football, 1983
Jack Attack, 1983
James Bond – In The Living Daylights (Melbourne House), 1990
James Bond, 1984
Jawbreaker, 1983
Juice (Tronix), 1983 (Q*Bert Clone)
Jukebox, 1983
Jumpman Junior, 1983
Jungle Hunt, 1983
Jupiter Lander 64 (identical with Commodore’s Jupiter Lander (Ultimax))
Jupiter Lander, 1983
Kickman 64, 1982 (identical with Commodore’s Kickman (Ultimax))
Kickman, 1982
Kids On Keys, 1983
Kindercomp, 1983
Kung Fu Master, 1986
Last Ninja 3
Last Ninja Remix, 1990
Lazarian, 1983
Lazer Zone, 1983
Leaderboard Golf, 1987
Learning Tree[edit]
Learning with Leeper, 1983
Lemans, 1983
Letter Scramble, 1983 (identical with Spinnaker’s “Up For Grabs”)
Letter-Go-Round, 1984
License To Kill, 1990
Linking Logic, 1984
Lode Runner, 1983
Logic Levels, 1984
Lunar Leeper, 1983
Lunar Outpost
Make-A-Face (identical with Spinnaker’s “Facemaker”)
Mario’s Brewery, 1983
Math Mileage, 1984
Maze Master, 1983
Memory Manor, 1984
Micro Maestro
Minnesota Fat’s Pool Challenge, 1983
Mole Attack, 1982
Money Wars, 1982
Monster Voyage, 1984 (identical with Spinnaker’s “Aegean Voyage”)
Moon Patrol, 1983
Moondust, 1983
Motor Mania, 1982
Mountain King (Beyond), 1983
Movie Musical Madness, 1984
Mr. Computer Products[edit]
Mr. Cool, 1983
Mr. TNT, 1983
Ms. Pacman, 1983
Myth, 1990
Narco Police, 1990
Navy Seals, 1990
Nemesis 2 – The Warlock (Martech), 1990
Novablast, 1984
Number Nabber/Shape Grabber, 1983
Number Tumblers, 1984
Oil’s Well, 1983
Oils Well (identical with Sierra’s “Oil’s Well”)
Omega Race (MAX), 1982
Omega Race 64, 1982 (identical with Commodore’s Omega Race (Ultimax))
Omega Race, 1982
Pac-Man, 1983
Pals Around Town (Hi-Tech)
Pancho, 1984
Pang, 1990
Park Patrol, 1984
Parker Brothers[edit]
Pastfinder, 1984
Peanut Butter Panic, 1984
Pinball Spectacular, 1982
Pipes, 1983
Pitfall (Activision), 1984
Pitfall 2, 1984
Pitstop, 1983
Pole Position, 1983
Popeye, 1983
Power Play 64, 1990 (3 Microprose games: Microprose Soccer, Rick Dangerous, Stunt Car Racer)
Princess and the Frog, 1983
Puzzle Panic
Q*Bert, 1983
Rack’em Up, 1983
Radar Rat Race, 1982
Ranch, 1984
Retro Ball, 1982
River Raid, 1984
Road Race/Night Driver, 1982
Robocop 2, 1990
Robocop 3, 1990
Robotron 2084, 1983
Rocky’s Boots (Learning)
Rootin’ Tootin’, 1983
Sammy Lightfoot, 1983
Satan, 1990
Save New York, 1983
Sea Horse Hide’n Seek, 1984
Sea Speller, 1984
Sea Wolf, 1982
Seafox, 1982
Serpentine, 1982
Shadow of the Beast, 1990
Sierra Online, Inc./SierraVision[edit]
Skaermtrolden Hugo, 1990
Solar Fox, 1983
Song Maker, 1985
Space Action, 1983
Space Gun, 1992
Space Journey
Space Ric-o-shay,1983
Space Shuttle, 1984
Speed / Bingo Math, 1982
Spitball, 1983
Springteufel, 1983 (Ravensburger)
Spy Hunter, 1984
Star Post, 1983
Star Ranger, 1983
Star Trek, 1983
Star Wars, 1983
Stix (Supersoft), 1983
Story Machine
Story Machine (identical with Spinnaker’s “Story Machine”)
Super Alien, 1982
Super Games, 1988 (3 games: Colossus Chess, International Football, Silicon Syborgs)
Super Smash, 1983
Super Zaxxon, 1984
Sword of Fargoal
System 3[edit]
Tank Wars, 1983
Tapper, 1983
Tennis, 1984
Terminator 2 Multicart, 1991
The Detective (Argus Press Software), 1990
The Ghosts’n Goblins (Capcom), 1990
The Great Escape,1991
The Pit, 1983
Threshold, 1983
Timebound, 1984
Toki, 1991
Tooth Invaders, 1982
Toy Bizarre, 1984
Trashman, 1983
TSI Cycles/Laser Cycles, 1983
TSI Maze Man, 1983
Turbo Maze Man
Turbo Software[edit]
Tyler’s Dungeons, 1983
Ultrex Quadro Maze, 1983
Up for Grabs, 1983
Up’n Add ‘Em, 1984
Up’n Down, 1984
Viduzzles, 1983
Viking Raider (Interphase), 1984
Vindicators, 1990
Webster: The Word Game, 1983
Wizard 64, 1983 (identical with Commodore’s Wizard of Wor (Ultimax))
Wizard of Id’s Wiztype, 1984
Wizard of Wor (MAX), 1983
Wizard of Wor, 1983
Wonder Boy, 1987
Wrath of the Demon (Readysoft)
Zaxxon, 1984
Zenji, 1984
Zone Ranger, 1984
Zorro (Datasoft), 1990

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