Holiday Gift Guide: Best Retro Tech Gifts for 2023

The nostalgia trend is still going strong, and retro tech makes for great holiday gifts! From vintage video games to old-school music players, this guide covers the top retro tech gift ideas for 2023. Whether you’re shopping for a techie who loves all things vintage or someone who just wants to relive the magic of the 80s and 90s, these blast-from-the-past gifts will bring joy to any recipient.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retro video game consoles like the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo are hot gift items. Old games and accessories make great add-on gifts.
  • Cassette tapes and players are making a comeback. Gift a Walkman or cassette mixtape for a retro music lover.
  • Classic Polaroid cameras and instant film are fun for capturing old-school photos.
  • Vintage electronics like the Game Boy, Tamagotchi, and Nokia cell phones tap into nostalgia.
  • Retro decor like vintage radios, phones, and TVs double as functional accent pieces.
  • For movie buffs, give VHS tapes or retro movie-themed gifts like a Blockbuster membership kit.

Best Retro Video Game Consoles and Accessories

Retro video game consoles never go out of style. Level up your gift giving with these classic systems and accessories any gamer will love.

Standout Consoles

  • Sega Genesis Mini – $79.99
  • SNES Classic Edition – $99.99
  • PlayStation Classic – $99.99
  • Tamagotchi Mini – $19.99

🕹️ These plug-and-play consoles make it easy to relive favorite retro games. Many include the most popular titles built-in!

Fun Accessories and Games

  • Game cartridges for the original console
  • Retro game compilations – $29.99+
  • Wireless controllers – $24.99+
  • Retro gaming posters – $10.99+

🕹️ Round out the gift with some great games, updated controllers, and decorative items.

Retro Console BundlesPrice
Sega Genesis Mini with bonus wired controller$99.99
SNES Classic Edition with Super Mario World poster$124.99
PlayStation Classic with 10 extra games$139.99

Old School Music Players

For music lovers, you can’t go wrong gifting a vintage way to play tunes. Cassette tapes and players are making a major comeback.

Cassette Players

  • Sony Sports Walkman – $59.99
  • Retro boombox – $99+
  • Portable cassette player – $15+
  • Multi-cassette stereo dock – $300+

🎧 These cassette players offer both portability and style. Prices range from budget-friendly to high-end.

Cassettes and Mixtapes

  • Blank cassettes – $1+
  • Pre-made mixtape – $3-$10
  • Cassette storage cases – $14.99

🎧 Let them make their own playlists! Give blank cassettes or a pre-made mixtape along with some storage cases.

Cassette Gift SetsPrice
Sports Walkman with 10 blank cassettes$69.99
Multi-cassette dock with classic hits mixtape$329.99

Instant Fun with Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid cameras deliver instant gratification and nostalgic fun. Capture old-school photos to stick on the fridge or give as gifts.

Camera Options

  • Polaroid Now – $99.99
  • Polaroid Snap – $97.99
  • Polaroid Pop – $199.99

📷 These cameras have simple controls, powerful flash and print photos in an instant with that iconic Polaroid border.

Useful Accessories

  • Color film packs – $14.99+
  • Black and white film packs – $16.99+
  • Camera case – $14.99+
  • Photo album – $19.99+
  • Photo display string – $7.99+

📷 Load up on plenty of film and get some cases, albums and decor to store and show off all those great prints!

Polaroid Camera KitsPrice
Polaroid Now with color film and album$129.99
Polaroid Snap with B&W film and display string$124.99

Old School Electronics for Fun and Decor

For techies and collectors, retro electronics make unique gifts to use and display. These old-school gadgets deliver heavy nostalgia.

Fun Electronics

  • Original Game Boy – $50+
  • Retro phone – $50+
  • Pager – $20+
  • Vintage calculator – $20+

📱 Give the gift of tech nostalgia! Prices vary for tested, working devices.

Retro Decor

  • Vintage radio – $40+
  • Rotary phone – $50+
  • Old TV set – $100+
  • Vintage electronics prints and signs – $10+

📱 Display these devices or use them as functional accent pieces! Many work well as novel decor items too.

Retro Tech Gift SetsPrice
Classic Game Boy Bundle with 5 games and accessories$99.99
Vintage radio with cassette player dock$79.99

Movie Night With VHS or Blockbuster Kits

For movie lovers, gift ideas like retro VHS tapes or a Blockbuster membership kit will bring amazing nostalgia.

VHS Options

  • Used VHS movies – $5+
  • Blockbuster rental case replicas – $14.99
  • VHS storage cases – $15+
  • VHS rewinder – $12.99

🍿 Give a big batch of retro VHS movies or just for fun, cases and rewinders to complete the vintage movie experience!

Blockbuster Kits

  • Blockbuster membership kit – $15+
  • Blockbuster sweatshirt – $35+
  • Blockbuster hat – $15+
  • Blockbuster mug – $12+

🍿 These kits come with a membership card, sticker sheet and more to relive the rental store experience! Add more themed apparel and items.

Movie Night Gift SetsPrice
10 popular VHS movies bundle$59.99
Blockbuster membership kit with 2 retro movies$29.99


🎁 This holiday season, give the gift of tech nostalgia with these fun retro gift ideas! From gaming and music to cameras and movies, you’re sure to give recipients a blast from the past with these vintage electronics and pop culture-themed gifts. Anything retro is trendy again, so tap into fond memories and create new ones with these old-school tech gift picks for 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some budget-friendly retro tech gift ideas?

Some more affordable options include cassette tapes and players, Polaroid cameras like the Snap model, vintage board games, old video game cartridges or posters, and Blockbuster membership kits. You can often find great deals on secondhand retro items too.

Where can I buy vintage video game consoles and accessories?

Check major retailers, gaming stores, eBay, and secondhand classifieds for vintage gaming consoles and games. Be sure to thoroughly test secondhand systems before purchasing.

How do I make a retro mixtape cassette?

You’ll need a cassette player for recording, blank cassettes, and an audio cable to connect your device to the cassette deck. Carefully curate your playlist, then hit record on the cassette player and start the music from your phone, MP3 player or computer. Decorate the mixtape labels for a personalized gift.

What type of film do I need for a vintage Polaroid camera?

You’ll need to buy instant film packs that are compatible with your specific Polaroid camera model. Polaroid Originals and Fujifilm Instax make films that work for various retro Polaroid cameras. Check your camera model and the film packaging.

How can I decorate gifts with a retro theme?

Use nostalgic gift wrapping like old comic pages, newspaper, or brown kraft paper. Make mixtape labels or print out retro product logos and images to use as gift tags. Add stickers, washi tape, or ministry figurines and toys to add a vintage touch. Get creative!

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