How Much are Original Xbox Games Worth

The original Xbox console first launched in 2001 and hosted many popular exclusive games that appeal to collectors today. But with some Xbox games becoming rare and hard to find complete, their value can range quite a bit based on title, condition, and other factors. This guide examines how much original Xbox games are worth and what impacts their current value on the secondary market.

What Makes Original Xbox Games Valuable?

There are a few key factors that drive the price and demand for original Xbox games among modern collectors:

  • Rarity – Low print run or region-exclusive games tend to be most valuable.
  • Condition – Complete in box and sealed copies in mint condition fetch much higher prices.
  • Popularity – Major franchise titles and highly acclaimed releases hold value.
  • Exclusivity – Games only available on Xbox often demand more.
  • Oddities – Errors, prototypes, or special editions attract collector interest.

If a game checks several of these boxes, it likely carries a substantial price tag for eager collectors seeking coveted Xbox rarities.

Loose Disc Value

For common Xbox games, just having the disc without box or manuals holds minimal value:

  • Popular franchises – $5 to $15 loose
  • Obscure titles – Under $5 loose
  • Sports games – Under $3 loose

However, rare and in-demand titles command much higher loose disc prices:

  • Conker: Live and Reloaded – $60+
  • MechAssault – $40+
  • Steel Battalion Line of Contact – $70+
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – $50+
  • Futurama – $90+

Checking current completed eBay sales provides an accurate look at loose disc value for any given Xbox title.

Complete in Box Value

Having the original case, cover art, and manuals boosts Xbox game value significantly for collectors:

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  • Common titles – $10 to $30 complete
  • Major franchises – $40 to $100 complete
  • Rare games – $200+ complete
  • Sealed copies – 2X to 10X more valuable

Popular games like Halo 2, Forza Motorsport, and Psychonauts command premium CIB prices. And quirky rare titles like Stubbs the Zombie can fetch $300+ complete.

Rare and Valuable Xbox Games

These are some of the most in-demand and pricey original Xbox titles:

Conker: Live and Reloaded – This censored remake of the Nintendo 64’s vulgar classic Conker still fetches $150+ complete and $1000+ sealed.

NARC – Based on the arcade shooter, this rare game sells for $250 to $400 new. Even loose copies go for $80+.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 – The iconic arcade fighter is short printed on Xbox and sells upwards of $400 sealed.

OutRun 2 – With very limited production numbers, this racing gem can exceed $1000 sealed. Complete copies still sell for $300+.

Test Drive Cycles – The futuristic bike racer spin-off sells for $300+ new due to miniscule worldwide print runs.

Superman Returns – Based on the 2006 movie, this title ended production early making it very scarce. Sells for $500+ sealed.

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis – Highly sought after movie tie-in that demands $250+ factory sealed.

Obscure titles and low print run games like these are the holy grails for collectors and speculators.

Sports Title Values

Due to plentiful supply, most sports games are only worth a few dollars loose. But certain short-printed titles defy the trend:

College Hoops 2K8 – Final game in the series with all NCAA licensing, sells for $300+ sealed.

All-Star Baseball 2005 – Last MLB game for Xbox, commands $200+ new.

NFL 2K5 – The last NFL 2K football game, highly sought after for $150+ sealed.

Knockout Kings 2002 – Muhammad Ali cover adds novelty with copies selling $100+ sealed.

NHL Hitz Pro – Over-the-top arcade hockey sim, short print now exceeds $150 CIB.

For the right sports rarity, demand still exists among Xbox collectors seeking these uncommon gems.

Import and PAL Region Values

Like most consoles, Xbox imports and PAL region exclusives are more sought after:

  • Japanese exclusives – Otogi series, Metal Wolf Chaos, Sega GT Online
  • PAL exclusives – Whacked!, Thrillville, Crusty Demons
  • Different region cases – Opaque black cases in PAL regions
  • Earlier release dates – Some imports launched ahead of North America
  • Language options – Imports with English text retain playability

While hard to find locally, global shipping have kept import prices from skyrocketing. Complete PAL and Japanese exclusives run $60 to $150 typically.

Platinum Hits and Classics

These later re-releases in Microsoft’s budget lines are generally less valuable:

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  • Platinum Hits – Released 22 popular titles at $20 price point
  • Xbox Classics – Added Microsoft published games like Forza and Project Gotham Racing
  • Lacked original manuals, inserts and sometimes artwork
  • Printed in higher quantities than originals
  • Still collectible for sheer volume produced and lower cost to obtain rarities

While not as pricey as first prints, Platinum Hits reissues still run $20 to $60 depending on title and condition.

Sealed Prices

The Holy Grail for collectors are factory sealed original Xbox games. This is what the rarest ones have sold for:

  • Conker: Live and Reloaded – $3,000+
  • The Guy Game – $2,500
  • OutRun 2 – $2,000+
  • Psychonauts – $1,800+
  • Shenmue II – $1,600+
  • Metal Wolf Chaos – $1,225+
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – $1,000+

Sealed prices vary heavily though based on condition, print runs, and fluctuations in demand. Pristine copies with perfect seals and shrinkwrap fetch the highest premiums.

Original Xbox Game Values Over Time

In general, original Xbox game values have steadily increased over the years as fans become nostalgic collectors:

  • Common games – Remain mostly flat or slight increases for rare titles
  • Rare and exclusives – Sharply rising for highly sought after games
  • Sealed copies – Seeing massive spikes reaching 5X to 10X former prices
  • Imports – Rising but not as drastic as Japanese consoles like Saturn and Dreamcast
  • Complete in box – Steadily increasing for titles in mint condition

The release of backward compatible Xbox One consoles also boosted interest in original Xbox game collecting recently. Values will likely continue rising as supply dwindles but demand remains strong.

Factors That Decrease Value

Not all original Xbox games are worth a fortune though. These factors decrease value:

  • Damaged Discs – Deep scratches or rotted discs render games unplayable and worthless.
  • Water Damage – Rusted or stained labels and waterlogged manuals lower CIB value.
  • Missing Parts – No manuals, case art, or extras substantially lowers complete value.
  • Blockbuster or Rental Stickers – Considered damage by collectors unless title is very rare.
  • Faded Printings – Later prints with muted cover art colors are less desirable.
  • Poor Storage Conditions – Games stored in damp basements or attics tend to deteriorate.

Proper care is necessary for Xbox games to retain their condition and value over the long term.


The original Xbox hosts an eclectic library of games ranging from mega hits like Halo to quirky exclusives that appeal to collectors today. Valuations run the gamut from nearly worthless for common discs only copies to over $1000 for impossibly rare sealed examples. Condition is king when assessing Xbox game values, with complete in box and sealed copies exponentially more valuable than loose discs. As the Xbox platform matures and games dwindle in supply, coveted titles and imports will likely continue increasing in worth at a rapid pace. But even commons still hold appeal for playable nostalgia, letting most gamers re-experience the Xbox library without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rarest Xbox exclusives?

OutRun 2, Futurama, Stubbs the Zombie, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Metal Wolf Chaos, Otogi, and Panzer Dragoon Orta are among the rarest and most expensive Xbox exclusives.

How can you tell if an original Xbox game is resealed?

Suspect reseals may show damage around the seal edges, creases or bends in the plastic, different text fonts on the seal sticker, or seal material that differs from factory shrinkwrap.

Should I remove price stickers from used Xbox games?

Yes, gently remove stickers using lighter fluid if possible to avoid damaging the case. Stickers are considered damage by collectors.

Can Xbox games with water damage be restored?

It’s difficult. Light water damage can sometimes be cleaned with careful disassembly but mildew or heavy rust/staining will permanently damage discs and covers.

Do black label or green label Xbox games have more value?

Black label printings that released first tend to be more sought after and valuable than later green label reprints in most cases.

Why are NTSC Xbox imports still affordable?

The Xbox was not region locked, so imports played on all units. This coupled with easy global shipping has kept import prices from rising drastically.

Are modded or repaired Xboxes less valuable?

Yes, collectors want 100% original hardware and will pay significantly less for modded units. Even opened consoles lose value.

Which has better graphics – Xbox or PS2?

While close, the Xbox generally delivered sharper visuals with more stable framerates thanks to its higher system specs than the PS2.

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