How Much is a Commodore 64 Worth today?

How much is a Commodore 64 worth today? You can get one on ebay nowadays for between £30 and £200 depending on a number of factors.

If you have a trusty old Commodore 64 in your attic that you are looking to sell or if you are wanting to buy yourself one for nostalgias sake. It might be difficult to get a good idea what one might be worth. Depending on which model or the condition its in or weather its boxed or has many games or accessories with it, there could be quite a difference in the price it may be wy orth. Old bread bin style case or C64c style, mint condition in its box or faulty and falling appart, what could it be worth? if anything.

Firstly a fully tested working C64 can be worth a lot more than a faulty or incomplete one. Some of the ones for sale on ebay have been referbished and have many of the more delicate componants replaced.

You can pick up a bargain if you have the skills to fix a faulty one and there are many for sale that are untested. Just watch out for any that are incomplete. Some of the ICs inside are socketed and can easily be removed before sale. Preferibly only bid on one that shows images of the pcb inside and you can clearly see everything is all there.

What Should I look out for?

Unboxed but working C64c models I have seen go as cheap as £40 or $52.

How Much is a Commodore 64 Worth today

There are many boxed breadbin models that go for more than £100. These tend to be fully working and in an above average condition. They more than likely with have accessories and games included, such as a datasette and joysticks.

Bread Bin

This breadbin model below went for £46 even though it was sold for parts or not working. This would have been a bit of a gamble as there where no guarentees it had any of the main ICs inside. None of the images showed inside or underneath the computer. By looking underneath you can at least see if has been opened up at some point. The warrenty label will be missing or damaged if it has been opened.

How much was a Commodore 64 new in 1985?

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