How Much is a Sega Saturn Worth?

Discovering the Value of the Sega Saturn and Its Games


As one of the lesser-known consoles from the 90s, the Sega Saturn has gained a cult following among retro gaming enthusiasts. Many people wonder how much a Sega Saturn is worth today and if it’s worth collecting. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the value of the console and its games to help you decide if adding a Sega Saturn to your collection is right for you.

1. Console Prices

  • The price of a Sega Saturn depends on its condition, whether it’s boxed or loose, and its model (North American, European, or Japanese).
  • Generally, prices range from $100 to $300.
  • Limited edition models and complete-in-box systems can fetch even higher prices.

2. Game Prices

  • Sega Saturn games vary in price depending on their rarity, condition, and popularity.
  • Some common titles can be found for as low as $10, while rare games can go for hundreds of dollars.
  • The average price for a Sega Saturn game is around $30 to $50.

3. Is the Sega Saturn Worth Collecting?

  • The Sega Saturn has a unique library of games, with many titles that were never released on other platforms.
  • It is an excellent console for fans of 2D fighters, shoot ’em ups, and RPGs.
  • Collecting for the Sega Saturn can be an expensive endeavor, but it offers a rewarding experience for dedicated fans and collectors.

Examples of Valuable Sega Saturn Games

Game TitleAverage Price
Panzer Dragoon Saga$600
Radiant Silvergun$300
Magic Knight Rayearth$250
Burning Rangers$200
Dragon Force$150


Q: How much does a Sega Saturn cost today?

A: A Sega Saturn can cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on factors like its condition, model, and whether it’s complete-in-box. Limited edition models and special bundles can fetch even higher prices.

Q: Is the Sega Saturn worth collecting?

A: If you’re a fan of retro gaming or have a particular interest in Sega’s history, the Sega Saturn can be a worthwhile addition to your collection. Keep in mind that collecting for the Sega Saturn can be expensive, so be prepared to invest in this unique console.

Q: Are Sega Saturn games worth anything?

A: Sega Saturn games can range in value from a few dollars for common titles to hundreds of dollars for rare and sought-after games. The average price for a Sega Saturn game is around $30 to $50, but certain titles can be worth significantly more.


The Sega Saturn’s value depends on various factors, and its games can range from affordable to quite expensive. Collecting for the Sega Saturn can be a rewarding experience for those interested in the console’s unique library and Sega’s gaming history. Just be aware of the potential costs involved and be prepared to invest in this fascinating piece of gaming history.

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