How to Connect a NES to a Modern TV – A Guide how to Hook it up to get the best Picture

How to Connect a NES to a Modern TV

How to hook up an original Nintendo Entertainment System to a smart tv or any other HDTV.

IF you appreciate some classic retro gaming and love to play games on a NES but have a new HDTV or Smart TV, you may find some difficulty in working out the best way to connect it up to achieve the best picture quality.

Some of the retro gaming community prefer the authentic look of an original CRT TV when using old consoles or computers but some of us would just like the simplicity of just using our main living room TV.

Many new TV do not have the analogue RF tuner required to connect the NES via the RF output so cant be traditionally tuned in.

A Device is needed to demodulate the RF signal and convert it into a digital signal that a modern TV can use. Have a look on Amazon Here

NES RF Output

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