How to Hook up a Commodore 64 to a TV


Connect the computer to your TV as shown Below

1. Attach one end of the TV cable to the phono type TV signal jack at the rear of the Commodore 64. Just push it in. Either end of the cable can be used. 

2. Connect the other end of the cable to the antenna switchbox. Just push it in.

3. If you have a VHF antenna, disconnect it from your TV set.. 

4. Connect your VHF antenna cable to the screw terminals labeled “antenna input” on the switchbox. If your antenna cable is the round 75-ohm coax type, use a 75-ohm to 300-ohm adapter (not supplied) to attach your antenna cable to the switchbox. 

5. Connect the twin lead output cable of the antenna switchbox to the VHF antenna terminals of your TV set. If your set is one of the newer types with a round 75-ohm VHF connector, ‘you will need a 300-ohm to 75-ohm converter (not supplied) to connect the switchbox to the 75-ohm VHF antenna input on the set. 

6. Set the TV’s VHF tuner to the channel number indicated on the computer’s channel selector switch (channel 3 move the switch to the left, channel 4 move the switch to the right). If a strong local TVsignal is present on one of these channels, select the other channel to avoid possible interference. 

7. Plug the power supply cable into the power socket on the side of the Commodore 64. Just push it in. It is “keyed” to allow insertion in only one direction, so you can’t connect the power cord the wrong way. The power supply converts household current into the form the computer uses.

The Commodore 64 is now correctly connected. No additional connections are required to use the computer with your TV. The antenna switchbox will connect the computer to the TV when the slide switch is in the “computer” position. When the switch is in the “TV” position your set will operate normally.

commodore 64 video output

commodore 64 monitor options

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