How to Improve PS2 Graphics on HDTV

Hey PS2 Gamer!, I’m about to show you the best options to improve the look of your PS2 graphics on a modern HDTV.

If like me you’ve probably noticed that it looks like crap and you need to find a way to make it look better.

I’ve spent a fair amount of money and time trying to work out the best option.

Here’s what I’ve found:

There are a few different options but I will just start with the best one!!!

You need to get yourself a RetroTINK 2X Pro, it takes the componant or composite signal from any retro console including your Playstation 2 and converts it into a Crystal Clear Lag free HD signal for your Smart TV.

This is an awesome bit of kit and well worth the money. It will make the graphics quality of any of your retro consoles look better than anyone elses.

You friends will wonder how you managed to get the PS2 graphics looking so awesome. Get a RetroTINK 2X Pro here

Other options to get awesome looking PS2 graphics is to use a PS3. The old 60Gb Piano black PS3 is backward compatable with both the PS1 and PS2.

This will allow you to use the PS3’s HDMI port to connect to your TV.

Thirdly you could use a PC running a PS2 emulator and and connect the PC to the HDMI port of your TV.

A good PS2 emulator is pcsx2. Give it at try here:

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