How to use a Soldering Iron for Wires

How to use a Soldering Iron for Wires
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When soldering wires together a systematic process makes it a lot easier to learn. Having the correct equipment to begin with will make it more likely to be a success.

Stripping the Wires

Using a pair of wire strippers, remove about 10mm of each of the end of wire that you want to solder together.

Splicing the Wires

Mount the wires in a set of helping hands.

How to use a Soldering Iron for Wires

Preparing for solder

Twist the wires together to make a secure connection between them insuring the all of the strands are twisted and none are poking out.

Apply a small amount of flux to the two wires.

Applyling the Solder

Hold the soldeing iron onto the wires where they join and slowly feed in some solder into the joint. Quickly remove the end of the solder real followed by the soldering iron.

Cleaning the Solder Joint

Using some flux cleaner and a brush. Apply some flux cleaner to the solder joint and brush until any flux residue has been been cleaned away.

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