The Best Amstrad CPC 464 Emulator for Windows 10


Emulates the entire CPC range – Emulates the CPC 464,664 and 6128, the CPC 464+ and 6128+.

  • Highly Accurate Emulation of all CPC models
  • One of the fastest CPC emulators for Windows
  • Built-in Debugger and Assembler
  • Support for DSK/ESDK/ARC and DSC disc images
  • Automatic Version Control
WindowsWinAPE20B2.zipwww.winape.net4.25 MB2016-01-05


Arnold is a CPC emulator written and maintained by Kevin Thacker.

The newest version is 13/05/2017. This is the “work in progress”/”wip” version which is already very advanced and is more accurate than most existing emulators. This is verifable using the ‘acid test’ test programs which are freely available for others to use to improve their emulators.

Arnold is being actively developed and there are updates to the code almost daily. The work in progress version uses SDL for the display, audio and input and wxWidgets for the GUI. It is built with cmake and now all versions (Mac OS X, Linux/Unix and Windows) have identical functionality and interface.

Arnold aims for maximum emulation accuracy across the whole CPC and Plus range as well as the KC Compact, Aleste 520Ex and the GX4000. The emulator has various devices that can be enabled and there is extensive configuration possible.


Windows 10arnold04012004.ziparnold.emuunlim.com299 KB2004-01-04
OS Xarnold-178.dmgwww.bannister.org1.49 MB2008-Sep-27
Linuxarnold-nurgle-x86-2009-03-17.tar.bz2sourceforge.net238 KB2009-03-18
AmigaOS 4Arnold.lhahirudov.com425 KB2012-12-17


Sugarbox is a CPC emulator that runs on Windows.

  • Handle some disk formats, which it can read and write : DSK, EDSK, HFE, SCP, IPF (IPF is native : no use of SPS CAPS lib is needed)
  • Read some more disk format (but can’t write it at the moment) : CT-RAW, RAW (from kryoflux)
  • Have a special support for 50 or 100Hz screen, for buttersmooth scroller (when sync is ON)
  • Z80 emulation is precise : All z80 test from arnoldemu are corrects.
  • Can drag’n’drop disk, snapshots, binaries (with AMSDOS header), tape MB2017-06-30


XCPC is a portable Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 emulator written in C.

XCPC is designed to run on any POSIX compliant system, including UnixLinuxBSD and having an X11 server.

Emulated systems

XCPC is designed to emulate these Amstrad CPC systems:

The Amstrad CPC+ range and the GX4000 console are not emulated and probably will not.

XCPC is a portable Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 emulator written in C. XCPC is designed to run on any POSIX compliant system, including Unix, Linux, BSD and having an X11 server..

Linuxxcpc-20070122.tar.gzsourceforge.net484 KB2007-01-22


CPCbox runs directly on your web browser, without requiring any plugin. You don’t have to download, decompress, install & update a CPC emulator anymore. CPCbox renders all those menial and time consuming work unnecessary.

CPCbox is a good choice to watch demos thanks to the quality of its audio and video renderings and because of its very precise Z80 and chipset emulation.

Retro-gamers will be pleased too as CPCbox features a very intuitive and functional user interface, so that they are just seconds away from playing their favorite 8-bit CPC games.

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