What is the Best Vintage Computer to Start With?

Are you thinking about getting into the vintage computer scene but dont know where to start? Maybe you used to have one back in the 80s and have seen some inspiring retro computer youtube channels. Well this is my take on what might be a good fit for you and maybe it will just be the tip of the iceberg and inspire you to start a collection.

What can you use a Vintage Computer for?

Basically an old computer will still do the things that it could do when it was new. Playing games, Programming, making music and basic graphics among other things.

I am very much into the hardware and enjoy the process of restoring them and even modifying and upgrading them.

How Old of a Vintage Computer do you want?? Depending if you want to play games the quality of the games will vary on how old the computer is. A good start for games is the Commodore 64. Many computers older than the Commodore 64 provide a rather dissapointing gamimg experience. The Commodore 64 in my opinion is the first computer that has a good catalogue of decent games that are still available. It Also has a built in BASIC interpreter though other systems available at the time had a more versatile and easier to use BASIC.

What are the Cheapest Vintage Computers?

cheapest vintage computers

Which Vintage computers is available for the best price?

What is the best Vintage Computer for Games?

What is the best Vintage Computer for programming?

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