How Much is a Nintendo Wii Worth in 2021

With more than 100 million unit being sold, the Nintendo Wii was among the most groundbreaking consoles of its day. What does it say that you have one somewhere in your basement or attic, and you ask how much is a wii worth?

(It is the most popular approach to sell Nintendo Wii, which is the most reliable of all sales analysis and statistics from eBay. Information is accurate as from June 2021. This report will be updated monthly to guarantee the alerts and focus on pricing changes, with rates centered in U.S. dollars).

What is the cost of Wiis?
What’s the importance of Wii? Today, the Nintendo Wii sells for around $50, but it depends on the console condition and whether it is provided with controllers and games. A single console from Nintendo Wii will sell $15 to $125 from everywhere.

If it has scratches, is dirty, the buttons don’t press properly, and it’s worn, expect it to sell for $20. If it’s in very good condition, with no scratches and looks as if it has came straight out of a box, expect to sell it for anywhere over $70.

Used $20 – $120
Refurbished $60 – $150
Sealed new $250+

What is the cost of Wiis boxed?
If you have a Nintendo Wii boxed, the same is true, it will depend on the situation. A used box with a worn console inside normally sells for about $60, but Nintendo Wii plans to market it for over $120 if you have a perfect condition.

Just remember to keep all of the manuals, discs, bags and anything else the box comes with, every single missing piece will cost you when selling your Nintendo Wii.

How much is Nintendo Wii Sports worth?

If you have a Nintendo Wii Sports bundle, it’s worth roughly $50 loose, or $80 boxed. Again, we’re not going to state this enough, it all depends on the condition. A poor condition console bundle can go for as little as $20, but a sealed never touched console bundle can sell for $200+. This is the most common bundle Nintendo released.

Used: £30 – £100
Refurbished. $50 – $150

What’s the meaning of Wii U?
The Wii U was another prominent Wii version, but a console is much less common. For somewhere between $40 and $100 Nintendo Wii U can sell on the eBay. If boxed, and with all the manuals and wires, you might also go above $100.

What’s the importance of a Wii Mini?
What is the meaning of wii mini
The Wii Mini was unveiled in December 2012 and is available now, based upon requirements, from $30 to $100 for anywhere.
Used: 30 bucks – 100 dollars.
Renovation: $100+
$250+ sealed.
The positive news is that Wii Mini is not so popular as regular Wii, so enthusiasts searching for a mint condition or even a stitched console are more important.

What is the value of a Nintendo Wii Limited Edition?
How much is the expense of a limited edition?
Throughout the lifespan of Nintendo Wii, a few limited edition models celebrated the launch or a special day. In the Olympics 2012, there was for instance a blue Nintendo Wii, and the red version of Mario’s 25th anniversary.
Each of these versions has a different price because Nintendo still has a lot of them and they are “limited,” so let’s get started with the Red Birthday Version.
Used: 40 dollars – 100 dollars
$120+ boxed:
Screening: $350+
And Nintendo Wii’s blue version goes for:
$50 – 100 Used:
$100+ boxed
Screened: $300 plus

You can see that between these problems there is a little variation in costs, but that is just the average. There appear to be fewer packaged blue models available on eBay, perhaps because they are somewhat less popular.
What is the importance of a Nintendo Wii Controller?
A controller Nintendo Wii can sell from $5 to $50 for anywhere. $5 is used for a worn dusty remote, while $50 is special edition Wii controller for a mint condition. Boxed controllers will go from $15 to $60 for anywhere.
What is the importance of a Nintendo Wii U Controller?
The Nintendo Wii U control priced a decent price, because of the amount of technology on the handheld and because of many people

So there you have it, an informative guide showcasing the how much a Wii costs. Prices can fluctuate slightly, and if you’re missing bits such as cables, sleeves, or manuals, this will reduce the price. And it’s worth noting, the longer you hold these, the more they’ll go up in price, especially boxed and/or sealed.

Also, it’s worth selling when they become popular, for example if Nintendo release a Wii Mini Console, or for some reason many people want to buy a Wii to buy an old game that has grown in popularity.

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