How to Reattach a Wire to a Circuit Board – A Simple Guide

If you have a damaged piece of equipment and you have discovered that a wire has come away from the PCB, what are your options?

The only real thing that is gonna work is to solder the wire back onto the board!


If this seems daunting and somthing that you have never attempted before, its not as actually asdifficult or expensive as you might think.

Anyone can learn to solder adequitly for repairs in a matter of a few minutes.

I’ve shown many people how to do quick repairs with a soldering iron and they all were successful.

But I dont have a soldering iron? you might be thinking

How do you wire a circuit board without soldering?

Can I glue instead of solder?

Is hot glue safe for wires?

Can electricity pass through glue?

Will Super Glue damage a circuit board?

What adhesives are conductive?

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